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  • How do I know this is a legitimate opportunity?
    Sadly, there are many scams out there. S Customer Service Company has partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions which is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. There are thousands of small businesses and their contractors who have enjoyed providing services to Arise for decades.
  • What are the steps to getting started?
    1. Follow the instruction process here. 2. Make sure you have a working computer that will meet S Customer Service Company LLC guidelines. See technical requirements here. 3. Purchase a USB headset for your certification class. This is a headset that plugs into your computer. 4. Purchase a headset that can plug into your telephone. (Cordless phones are not accepted.) 5. Have or prepare to have a land-line telephone with no features or a digital phone line through your cable or internet company. 6. You will receive an email once you have chosen a client with links to fill out your affidavit of ID, proof of servicing address, proof of identity, W9 form and Direct Deposit form. These forms must be completed before you are allowed to service a client.
  • Is there a cost involved?
    Certification training is required. As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for your certification training cost and any equipment needed for service. The great thing as an Independent Contractor you are able to write off any expenses on your taxes. This is an investment in being in complete control of your work, money, and hours. Much like school, being a Mary Kay or Avon representative, being a Travel Agent, or any 1099 position. A background check is required plus processing fee. Client Certification training cost can range from $9.99 to $200 depending on the Client (this is the Client fee, not S Customer Service Company LLC). Most training sessions are only $69 Military receive 50% off certification cost (*conditions apply. ) We offer Certification Reimbursement up to $99 for qualifying agents (conditions apply) S Customer Service charges 15% fee per pay cycle on any amount above $100.00 and a flat fee of $35 per pay cycle on any amount below $100.00, ONLY if you are receiving revenue. SCSC and affiliate company fees are automatically deducted from your check. The fees include the 24-Hour Client Technical Support Help Desk and Starmatic® scheduling system, the use of clients' systems, our one-on-one support, security systems i.e. DUO mobile and VPN, and our processing fee.
  • Will there be training?
    Yes. Certification courses can be as short as a 3 weeks or can last up to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the client program. Please note, depending upon the client that you select, the course fee can range anywhere from $9.99-149.99.*
  • How are taxes paid?
    You, as an independent contractor will be responsible for taking out your own taxes and paying them to the IRS. We DO NOT DEDUCT taxes. It is recommended that you contact your nearest IRS office to discuss which taxes should be taken out and which deductions you are eligible for as an independent contractor.
  • When will I be paid?
    You are paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. If you serviced from the 1st – 15th, you will be paid (via direct deposit) on the 1st day of the following month. If you service from the 16th-last day of the month, you will be paid on the 15th day of the following month.
  • What is the potential Income?
    Your income is dependent upon the number of hours you select and service. Most clients require a minimum of 15 hours per week. Reports show that you can make on average $200-$1200 every two weeks. The average pay is between $9 - $16 per hour.
  • Can I work from anywhere?
    Yes, however you must legally reside in the United Sates and must be 18 years or older. You can provide your services from anywhere that is open to new applications.
  • What is the starting revenue rate, and how much can I earn?
    The starting rate varies depending on the client you choose. Many pay per minute and/or a base pay of $9 to $15.50 per hour, depending upon your performance. The money you earn is only limited by your performance (high performers earn $13 to $18/hour) and how many hours you work. The better you perform the more you earn. You are in control of your earnings!
  • How many hours am I required to work?
    You can work as many hours as you would like. However, your minimum is 15 hours per week as required under the terms of the Statement of Work (SOW) for most client business opportunities. There are hours for CSP’s to service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hours available for a specific client will be outlined in the Opportunity Announcements you receive once you complete the Admissions process. (Subject to change.)
  • What is a SOW?
    Statement of Work (SOW) is a contract that Client issues to SCSC that outlines the client requirements, pay and the terms of service for the agent that is subcontracted for SCSC. These contracts are renewed every 30 - 90 days. Failure to meet clients' requirements will result in agent getting terminated.
  • What are Certification Courses
    Before you can begin servicing a client program, you must take and successfully complete a client certification course. Certification is an investment opportunity. Like an aesthetician, realtor, or general contractor, it prepares the learner to be a true professional. Learners will gain keen knowledge related to the client, call types, customers, and how to be successful. The charges for these courses vary. This is required by clients to be able to service their account. The course provides information on the client’s systems that will be used by agents during servicing, as well as the performance metrics laid out in the operative Statement of Work and other information about the client program.
  • What if I'm not sure how many calls my organizaation receives each month?
    No worries. Our account reps are very experienced and great at helping our new clients figure out their expected call volume so they can get on the right plan.
  • Do you offer custom scripting?
    Yes, we are able to produce highly customized scripts for our clients.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    We do not do long term contracts however we do use simple month-to-month answering service agreements.
  • Do I have to purchase any equipment?
    No. We’ve already made investments in technology and equipment to serve you and your clients.
  • How long does it take to get setup?
    Depending upon the complexity of the account, usually within 24 hours.
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