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Call Center
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Remote Answering Service


Answering Service

We are the call center that professionals turn to for their answering service requirements.

We know that answering the phones in an office setting can become very daunting with patients coming and going, appointments being scheduled, canceled, and rescheduled, and a staff whose priorities are constantly changing.  Because of our "New Norm" having your call answered by by a live person is what most patients want.  S Customer Service can help offer that for your clients.  

We can offer 24/7 availability with an affordable rate customized to your needs.  Whatever your area of business our call support team can provide efficient, sensitive service to your clients. Allow us to become an extension of your current support and see your customer satisfaction rate improve.  

 By outsourcing your phone calls to SCS, you free up time for yourself and your staff to provide more comprehensive care for clients. Whether you’d like more time with clients, increased accessibility for your staff, or to maintain a healthier work/life balance we can help.


We can customize a call script to ensure your policies and procedures are followed to the letter, with no gap in the quality of service received by your callers. We can tailor our service to your precise standards – in many cases, your callers may not even realize they’re speaking with a third-party.



  • 24x7x365 Coverage – Our services are available each hour of every day throughout the entire year including all major holidays.

  • No Long Term Contracts – We operate on simple month to month agreements and a complete monthly billing cycle (not 28-day billing periods).


  • Full Customization – We can specially tailor your account and script to fit your unique business requirements.

  • Message Delivery Options – Take your pick from any combination of email, text, digital and alpha paging to receive your messages promptly.


  • Fully HIPAA Compliant – Designed to protect sensitive information.


  • Secure Client Portal Access - Provides real time review of messages, account management details, and much more.

  • Our answering services extend your business hours for you, giving callers round-the-clock access to representatives of your business. That kind of availability and dedication to customer service is sure to improve your brand image and customer retention rates.

  • Missed calls equal missed opportunities. With our team on your side, you never miss another call, which means additional sales leads will be collected so you can make more sales, bring on new clients, and grow your revenue.

  • We can fill a void in the office for receptionist services at a fraction of the cost normally dedicated to payroll. 

  • We provide pay by the minute plans, you never have to spend more than you need. 

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